What is the best dish to make with Quy Nhon tuna?

Talking about Central region specialties, especially Quy Nhon land, everyone will immediately think of delicious dishes made from ocean tuna – a specialty fish only found in a few central provinces of our country. Ocean tuna is famous for its high nutritional value and special delicious taste, making anyone who eats it will remember it forever. And today, we will take a look at some especially delicious dishes made from ocean tuna.

Quy Nhon tuna eyes

When you have the opportunity to travel to Quy Nhon, you must definitely try ocean tuna eyes. Tuna eyes are also called “headlights of the sea” by local people, because the eyes of this fish are very bright and can be seen from very far away. Tuna eyes contain a lot of DHA and Omega 3, which are extremely good fats for the eyes and brain. Not only is it nutritious, but ocean tuna eyes also have a unique, irresistible flavor, like first love. It’s difficult if you haven’t tried it yet, but once you try it, you’ll remember the aftertaste forever.

In particular, only when you go directly to Quy Nhon or Phu Yen can you enjoy this tuna eye specialty. Because the amount of fish eyes is not much, it is usually consumed right in the local province and rarely exported to other markets like fish meat. When talking about delicious dishes made from tuna eyes, we must mention the extremely famous tuna eyes stewed with Chinese medicine or stewed with green pepper. And Ms. Thuan’s tuna restaurant is the place to prepare the most delicious tuna eye dishes in Quy Nhon that you cannot miss.

At Ms. Thuan’s restaurant, tuna eyes are stewed with traditional herbs in each beautiful bowl. The dish is served with steaming smoke, fragrant with the scent of traditional herbs and the sweet taste of the fish eyes. Fish eyes are very fatty, but when combined with traditional medicine, the aftertaste is very rich, greasy but not boring, and the fragrant onions and garlic awaken both the sense of smell and taste. If you like spicy food, you can try Ms. Thuan’s green pepper stewed fish eye dish. The slightly spicy aroma of green pepper blends with the sweet fatty taste of the fish eye, melting sweetly little by little right on the tip of your tongue. Looking to eat tuna eyes in Quy Nhon but skipping Ms. Thuan’s restaurant is a big regret.

Quy Nhon tuna salad

Not as famous as tuna sashimi, not as “specialty” as fish eyes, but it has an appeal that makes you immediately call it Quy Nhon ocean tuna salad when you enter the restaurant. The origin of this dish actually comes from the field meals of fishermen floating at sea. With a special delicious flavor, it gradually appears on the menus of many bars and restaurants, becoming increasingly popular with diners. There are many types of salad that can be made from tuna, but the most popular is tuna stomach salad. Tuna stomach has a certain crispness, softness and rich sweetness. To prepare quality stomach salad, the process of cleaning the stomach is very important and meticulous. The fish stomach is mixed with green mango, onion, banana corn combined with sweet and sour fish sauce according to the Central region’s taste. extremely delicious and “catching prey”. You can try preparing it or enjoy it right when you arrive in Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon tuna noodle soup

A delicious dish made from ocean tuna that cannot be ignored is tuna noodles. Strangely enough, a dish made with extremely simple ingredients can fascinate so many diners when coming to Binh Dinh. Quy Nhon ocean tuna vermicelli is not colorful but is rich and irresistibly delicious, maybe because of the tuna specialty?

There’s nothing better than waking up one morning after a walk on the beach and immediately having a hot bowl of tuna noodles to inhale to your heart’s content. Tuna meat is nutritious, delicious, fresh, chewy and fatty fish, mixed with sweet broth served with crispy and fragrant raw vegetables, just thinking about it makes me crave it.

Ocean tuna eggs

Of all the types of fish, the rare ocean tuna is the one that can prepare the most diverse dishes. Almost every part can become a specialty. Ocean tuna eggs are a specialty that is not only delicious but also very nutritious. Tuna eggs are rich in Omega 3, Vitamin A and B, so fish eggs are very good for children to develop eyesight, brain and resistance.

Ocean tuna eggs are very large, have a unique fatty taste and are very addictive. Delicious dishes from tuna eggs are also very rich, however, to cover the fishy taste and reduce bloating, Quy Nhon restaurants often combine steamed tuna eggs with green pepper or burnt tuna eggs with garlic. These are all dishes you should try when traveling to the Central region.

Ocean tuna spring rolls

Finally, when mentioning Binh Dinh, ignoring the unique dish of spring rolls is probably very reprehensible. Binh Dinh’s famous spring rolls are especially captivating. Each roll is only small, a little bigger than a thumb, but has an extremely crispy texture. As soon as I put it in my mouth, I heard it crunch and melt on the tip of my tongue. Shrimp spring rolls are delicious, ocean tuna spring rolls are even more outstanding.

As mentioned, the place where you can find the best tuna specialties in Quy Nhon is Ms. Thuan’s restaurant. The menu is huge with nearly 100 dishes, of which tuna patties are an exclusive delicacy that you cannot find anywhere else. Looking at the filled rolls, each roll is golden brown, just touching it can feel the crispiness and spongy texture. Roll the spring rolls with the accompanying raw vegetables, dip them in a bowl of Ms. Thuan’s special dipping sauce, and take one bite. Oh, it’s so intoxicating.

In this life, the most wonderful thing is to be able to eat many delicious dishes. Our country’s specialties are very vast, every time you have the opportunity to go to a place, you must try it to get all the aftertaste of life. And when you come to Quy Nhon, remember to go to Ms. Thuan’s restaurant to try all the delicious dishes made from ocean tuna.

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