Ca ngu dai duong Ms. Thuan

Ocean Tuna House

Ms Thuan's ocean tuna house is a famous restaurant chain specializing in dishes from Quy Nhon ocean tuna. This famous Tuna House has a colorful menu with a simple yet delicious "Xu Nau" flavor, once you eat it you will remember it forever...

Local specialty restaurant

"Ocean Tuna House" is Quy Nhon's proud symbol of a perfect place to enjoy local specialties, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Awaken your taste buds

Committed to the best local ingredients, you will enjoy fresh, succulent pieces of ocean tuna meat that still retain its natural sweetness.

The menu is as attractive as a magnet

100+ delicious tuna dishes with bold "Xu Nau" flavor with options to adjust to your liking, adding DELICIOUS & STRANGE toppings for an enjoyable experience

 Inspiration "Tuna House"

Eat well, eat well and have fun Comfortable LIKE AT HOME

Every day, at "Ocean Tuna House" we work with you to create local culinary experiences with all the care and attention. Every Tuna dish created at "Tuna House" is a wonderful journey, including the sweat, effort and passion of many people.

“Customer interests are the focus”

and Ocean Tuna Ms. Thuan constantly strives to perfect all processes from the dining experience at her branches,  on the website to delivery and after-sales.

Ms. Thuan shared:

There is no recipe to create a delicious dish named after a local specialty, only Ms. Thuan's love for her hometown's fish and the Xu Nau fishing village makes everything in "Ocean Tuna House" becomes special!!!

And enjoy...

The story of the tuna house

“Ocean Tuna House” brand image not only encapsulates the culinary experience journey of diners, but also inspirational stories about love and pride for local specialties, about the Land and People of Quy Nhon"

Exciting culinary experience

Eating happily and deliciously creates a sense of happiness. Therefore, Ms. Thuan was very careful when designing the dining experience for her diners. The menu is handcrafted to evoke local flavors, the ingredients are guaranteed to be the best Tuna at Tam Quan Port.

We invite you to experience the touches that make Ms. Thuan Quy Nhon a unique culinary experience.

mat ca ngu dai duong chi thuan

“Take away specialties”

In addition to selling specialized dishes about Ocean Tuna, Tuna House also provides premium fresh ingredients (whole tuna) and handmade dried dishes (registered trademark).

Visitors can choose these products as gifts for those who want to enjoy regional specialties conveniently when they do not have the opportunity to eat directly in Quy Nhon.


Mini Studio Tuna story

Ms. Thuan’s Tuna House is also built as a mini studio with the Concept of Quy Nhon Tuna.

The entire space from the exterior to the interior uses decor accessories that focus on the homeland Tuna, the sea and traditional craft villages.

The tuna house is a perfect place to sit back, relax, admire and fall more in love with Quy Nhon.


Quality service

Ocean Tuna House has a team of experienced staff who know about local cuisine and specialties. Especially knowledge about Ocean Tuna to always be ready to promote and convey homeland specialties to tourists.

Ocean Tuna’s motto is: “Great food, reasonably priced beer and non-alcoholic drinks, and the best service in a cozy atmosphere.”



Ocean Tuna Family Ms. Thuan Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon Ocean Tuna House – TOP 1 location for grand parties

Ngôi nhà Cá ngừ Đại dương Quy Nhơn không chỉ được bình chọn là nhà hàng số 1 để tìm ăn đặc sản Cá ngừ Đại dương. Mà còn được xếp top đầu những nhà hàng tuyệt vời để tổ chức những bữa tiệc đáng nhớ

Customer appreciation program 2023

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Tuna dish dipped in vinegar

It’s winter, gourmets feel their mouths are dry, and suddenly think of a bowl of fragrant fish sauce and the salty taste of tuna dipped in vinegar. Tuna this season is easy to buy and fresh. Buy fresh tuna, slice it thinly, add pineapple, tomatoes, vinegar, lemongrass, onions, cilantro, onion heads, cilantro, herbs… Turn on…

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Tuna House welcomes you,

Behind this door,
Ordinary people do extraordinary things!!!

With all her enthusiasm and dedication, Ms. Thuan always strives to serve you best!

Don’t forget to check in so we can find each other more easily!


📍  15 Bui Huu Nghia, Nguyen Van Cu ward, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province
📍  Villa C1, Dai Phu Gia villa area, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province

☎️ 0905.447.081 – 0378.139.500