Tuna dish dipped in vinegar

It’s winter, gourmets feel their mouths are dry, and suddenly think of a bowl of fragrant fish sauce and the salty taste of tuna dipped in vinegar. Tuna this season is easy to buy and fresh. Buy fresh tuna, slice it thinly, add pineapple, tomatoes, vinegar, lemongrass, onions, cilantro, onion heads, cilantro, herbs…

A plate of tuna with dipping sauce brings delicious sensations to gourmets.

Turn on the heat, add a little oil to the pan, then pour in the tomatoes, lemongrass, and purple onions, stir well, and let simmer until the liquid comes out. Add a cup of water, add spices, vinegar, and season to taste. If you find it to your liking, put the fish in the pot and blanch or blanch until cooked, depending on your taste. Remove fish to a plate, roll rice paper with raw vegetables, dip in chili and garlic fish sauce to enjoy. The sweet, fatty taste of the fish, the strong aroma of the fish sauce, and the spicy taste of the spices blend together. Just eat it once and you’ll remember it forever, wanting to eat it again next time.

In Binh Dinh, tuna is abundant, fresh, and cheap. Tuna meat and breast have the effect of reducing cholesterol and lipids in the blood, preventing atherosclerosis and obesity. Delicious and nutritious dishes, unique to Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh, are waiting for diners.