Can Quy Nhon Binh Dinh tuna be eaten raw?

Quy Nhon ocean tuna is one of the famous specialties of the Central Coast. Tuna can be processed into many delicious dishes, from head to tail it can become an addictive specialty for diners.

However, can tuna be eaten raw? If you also wonder about this, please refer to the following information.

Can tuna fillet be eaten raw?

If asked, can tuna fillet be eaten raw? One thing must be affirmed: ocean tuna used as sashimi is the ultimate delicacy.

For Japanese people, they compare ocean tuna sashimi to “gold of the sea”, because they are delicious and have extremely high nutritional value. Ocean tuna meat is bright red, chewy and sweet, much tastier than any other type of fish. Each slice of fresh tuna dipped in mustard is often used as a delicate appetizer and also helps enhance the taste of other main dishes.

However, to be able to safely eat a dish raw, you need to be very careful from choosing ingredients to cleaning and disinfecting. Especially seafood often has many parasites. To enjoy delicious and nutritious tuna sashimi, you should choose fresh and safely caught tuna, avoid buying fish of unknown origin that may have been marinated with very dangerous chemicals. It’s best to enjoy sashimi at quality and reputable restaurants to both eat delicious food and ensure your health.

How to eat tuna sashimi

And if you have never eaten tuna sashimi, how should you eat it properly and enjoy all the flavors? Here are some tips on how to enjoy Japanese sashimi:

Admire the food

For sashimi, chefs often pay great attention to decorating the dish so that it is eye-catching and attractive. If you are a fan of sashimi and sushi, no one is unfamiliar with the delicate and artistic appearance of these dishes. So, before eating, take some time to admire and feel.

Feel the scent

Many people often say that eating sashimi requires using all the senses in the body. In fact this is completely correct. The scent of sashimi is also very unique, depending on the combination of ingredients, it will give different feelings. With ocean tuna, the sweet taste is not at all fishy, the bright red color is extremely eye-catching and stimulates the taste buds.

Eat and feel.

When eating Sashimi, you should eat the whole piece without taking small bites. You will pick up the entire piece of sashimi with chopsticks, then dip it in a bowl of special mustard dipping sauce. The combination of tuna sashimi and mustard creates a very special taste blend that is difficult to describe. Only being able to feel it directly on the tip of the tongue can express this experience.

The best ocean tuna sashimi fillet restaurant in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

If you can’t go to a restaurant to enjoy it, you can now prepare sashimi at home with tuna fillets sold at seafood stores or frozen food supermarkets. The price of ocean tuna fillet is also quite affordable. However, you must ensure that the ingredients are clean and fresh to make quality sashimi.

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