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Quy Nhon Ocean Tuna House – TOP 1 location for grand parties

Ngôi nhà Cá ngừ Đại dương Quy Nhơn không chỉ được bình chọn là nhà hàng số 1 để tìm ăn đặc sản Cá ngừ Đại dương. Mà còn được xếp top đầu những nhà hàng tuyệt vời để tổ chức những bữa tiệc đáng nhớ

Customer appreciation program 2023

Super hot sale saying goodbye to 2023 only at Ms. Thuan’s Tuna House for only #23k Check in immediately and immediately receive a shocking sale Note: – Checkin in public mode. – Only applicable for customers eating at the restaurant. – Do not apply concurrently with other programs. – The program applies until the end…

Tuna dish dipped in vinegar

It’s winter, gourmets feel their mouths are dry, and suddenly think of a bowl of fragrant fish sauce and the salty taste of tuna dipped in vinegar. Tuna this season is easy to buy and fresh. Buy fresh tuna, slice it thinly, add pineapple, tomatoes, vinegar, lemongrass, onions, cilantro, onion heads, cilantro, herbs… Turn on…

Tuna House Festival Night Ms. Thuan

Let love and gratitude overflow this October 20 at Ocean Tuna’s house, Ms. Thuan. A special program to thank women with many attractive incentives like never before: Performing ocean tuna fillet up to 50kg Free 01 piece of tuna eye for all female customers participating in the culinary experience at Ocean Tuna Ms. Thuan Additional…

Give away tuna eyes to all women on October 20

Grateful to women  Ms. Thuan immediately gives away 01 piece of ocean tuna eye to all women who come to experience the cuisine at Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna during 03 days, October 18, 19, and 20, 2023  Note: Not applicable for breakfast at Dai Phu Gia Villas branch

Special offers for groups

19% discount when experiencing cuisine at Ocean Tuna Ms. Thuan The program applies until September 30, 2023 Conditions apply: – Groups of 30 guests or more – Applicable at all branches. – Do not apply concurrently with other programs.

Ms. Thuan’s Tuna House offers vouchers up to 500k

Promotion program to stimulate Quy Nhon tourism in the low season of 2023 when experiencing cuisine at Ocean Tuna Ms. Thuan: Bill < 1 million get 100k voucher Bill > 1 million get 150k voucher Bill > 2 million get 200k voucher Bills from 3 million get a voucher of 500k The program applies from…

Experience the most beautiful coastal running track in Vietnam

Quy Nhon city with its long coastline, wide roads, and beautiful landscape is an attractive reason for running VnExpress Marathon through many organizing seasons. VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon attracts about 10,000 athletes each year. The city scene before sunrise was vibrant with an overwhelming sports atmosphere. The three seasons that have been held have impressed attendees…

For the first time, Binh Dinh has a Tuna Festival

Tỉnh Bình Định lên kế hoạch tổ chức Lễ hội cá ngừ năm 2023, hoạt động dự kiến sẽ diễn ra trong 3 ngày, tỉnh này cũng đã giao nhiệm vụ cụ thể cho một số đơn vị, sở ngành để thực hiện.

Come to Tuna Ms. Thuan to receive vouchers up to 500k

Hello Summer with Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna, promotional program to welcome summer 2023 when experiencing cuisine at Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna: 1 million bill, get 100k voucher Bill > 1 million get 150k voucher Bill > 1.5 million get 200k voucher 3 million bill, get 500k voucher Bills from 2.5 million receive a lunch combo…