Is a restaurant specializing in the specialty of Ocean Tuna, a typical fish species of the Central Strait region – a sea area famous for the largest and most delicious ocean tuna in Vietnam.

At Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna, visitors will enjoy the most delicious Ocean Tuna Eye dish in Quy Nhon, and can enjoy all the characteristic fresh flavor of Tuna through the “huge” Menu of nearly 100 dishes. with Ms. Thuan’s exclusive recipe.


Ms. Thuan built TUNA HOUSE with the hope that this place will be the best destination for anyone who wants to “find Quy Nhon specialties” and “eat ocean tuna specialties”
For many years, from a small tuna restaurant, Ms. Thuan has constantly learned, improved, and created recipes, with the motto of taking customer experience as the most important goal. And up to now, TUNA HOUSE has become a famous Tuna specialty restaurant near and far.
It is a place for local people to whisper, a place to stop for tourists when coming to Quy Nhon to enjoy the taste of fresh tuna.


will create unforgettable memories for your experiential journey to Quy Nhon.
Not only is it a place that brings you fresh, delicious, hot dishes. TUNA HOUSE is the “home” that welcomes you like close friends.
Friendly, approachable service, treating customers like family, being hospitable and wholehearted is the nature of the people of the Central Coast.
Visit Tuna HOUSE, you will have the most complete experience for your trip, Ms. Thuan will entertain you with all sincerity, hoping that every diner who visits will always feel satisfied, Love and remember Quy Nhon forever as well as its ocean tuna specialties.


Customers are the foundation of CHI THUAN OCEAN TUNA.
This is demonstrated by the fact that TUNA HOUSE always pays attention to customers’ suggestions and comments to improve its services. Ms. Thuan is always constantly learning and creating new exclusive recipes and diverse menus so that diners can have the most perfect culinary experience. You will not be able to find anywhere else in Quy Nhon that has delicious and fatty tuna eyes like at Ms. Thuan’s restaurant.

CHI THUAN OCEAN TUNA is also a space to honor local specialties and traditional craft villages.
For Ms. Thuan, the brand image is not only encapsulated in the culinary experience journey of diners but also inspirational stories about love and pride for local specialties, about the Land and People of Quy Nhon. Nhon.
Coming to TUNA HOUSE, you can also experience a coastal space with concept corners about the sea and traditional craft villages. Understand more about the culture and life of the people here

“Customer interests are the focus”

CHI THUAN OCEAN Tuna has the motto “customer-centricity” and strives to demonstrate that in constantly perfecting all processes from the culinary experience at the restaurant to ordering on Zalo. , Facebook,… to delivery and promotions.


TUNA HOUSE is committed to providing customers with the friendliest and most intimate emotional experience, you will feel as comfortable as at home, enjoy raising a cup and feel the culinary quintessence with the specialty of Giant Tuna. Duong Quy Nhon.

Ms. Thuan always gives customers absolute care from choosing fresh, premium ingredients, building exclusive recipes and training a team of the most attentive and dedicated professional staff.

CHI THUAN OCEAN Tuna ensures that you will enjoy delicious ocean tuna specialties and be immersed in the sincere love and affection of the native people. Coming to TUNA HOUSE, you will feel as comfortable as returning to your own home.