Is Quy Nhon Binh Dinh ocean tuna meat delicious?

Not only Phu Yen has tuna, Quy Nhon ocean tuna has long been a specialty that any tourist visiting Binh Dinh stops to taste. Not only is it famous for its special fresh flavor, but ocean tuna meat is also a food rich in nutritional value.

Today let’s learn about this type of fish as well as reveal to you a delicious restaurant to taste ocean tuna in Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon tuna meat is a nutritious specialty

The Japanese once called tuna the “gold of the sea”. For them, this is the fish with the most delicious meat and very high nutritional value. No other fish can beat this type of fish when used to make sushi or sashimi.

In Vietnam, ocean tuna has long become an extremely famous regional specialty, especially in the Central Strait region such as Phu Yen, Quy Nhon,… where migratory tuna is rare. Yellow fins, delicious meat and the biggest eyes. Not only is it a famous specialty, but ocean tuna meat is also very nutritious:

– Helps nourish the eyes, support and prevent eye diseases: Tuna meat has a lot of Omega 3, especially in the fish eyes. Regularly eating tuna will help your eyes become brighter, prevent dry eyes, minimize macular calcification in the eyes, and protect your eyes to always be bright and healthy.

– Enhance memory and brain development: Tuna meat belongs to the food group rich in DHA and EPA, which are essential for brain development, especially in children. Regular use will improve memory, enhance brain function and help children become smarter.

– Effective weight loss support: One surprising thing is that eating ocean tuna helps you lose weight because this fish is completely fat- and calorie-free. At the same time, fish meat also contains a lot of protein. If you are looking to lose weight healthily, immediately add this type of fish to your menu.

– Supplement abundant iron: Anemia is a fairly common disease today, anemia causes many dangerous diseases. You can supplement your body’s iron intake with dishes made from ocean tuna. This type of fish has a very rich source of iron that you should regularly use.

– Good for cardiovascular: In ocean tuna there is also the active ingredient taurine – very good for the heart, helping to prevent symptoms of atherosclerosis and prevent cardiovascular diseases in the elderly. In addition, regularly supplementing this nutrient can also stabilize blood pressure, reduce blood fat and effectively prevent fatty liver.

So, you now understand why ocean tuna meat is such a popular specialty, please enjoy it as soon as you have the opportunity to come to Quy Nhon.

The best part of ocean tuna

When enjoying ocean tuna, each person will especially love a certain dish. Some people like the fatty taste of tuna eyes, while others like to enjoy the meat in the belly. But there is a part of tuna that anyone who tastes it will immediately fall in love with it because of its delicious, special sweet taste. That is the fish breast – the most delicious part of ocean tuna.

Tuna breast is the meat between the back and belly of the tuna, especially tough, soft and very fatty. Those who are gourmets prefer to enjoy dishes from the fish breast more than other meat parts.

If you don’t go to the Central region, you can buy frozen tuna fillets available at some supermarkets and large seafood stores nationwide. The price of ocean tuna fillet is not too high, you can buy it to prepare delicious and nutritious dishes for your family. If you come to Quy Nhon, of course you have to stop by a delicious restaurant and enjoy sashimi from sweet, fatty tuna breast for rich flavor.

The best Quy Nhon ocean tuna restaurant 

When it comes to Quy Nhon’s most delicious ocean tuna specialties, no one knows about Ms. Thuan’s ocean tuna restaurant. The number one check-in location for those who want to eat ocean tuna specialties and find Quy Nhon specialties. Coming to Ms. Thuan’s restaurant, you can freely enjoy the freshest dishes from ocean tuna with exclusive recipes, and a huge menu of nearly 100 dishes. Just afraid of running out of money without worrying about running out of bait. Visit Ms. Thuan’s restaurant, not only will you be able to eat delicious food and drink beer to your heart’s content, but you will also be able to “chill” with extremely rustic and beautiful coastal concept corners.

If you come to Quy Nhon, don’t forget to taste the ocean tuna specialty. And to eat the most delicious ocean tuna in Quy Nhon, you must remember Ms. Thuan’s ocean tuna!

“Tuna House” – Ocean tuna Ms. Thuan Quy Nhon 

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No. 15 Bui Huu Nghia, Ward Nguyen Van Cu, Quy Nhon City