Quy Nhon Ocean Tuna House – TOP 1 location for grand parties

Quy Nhon Ocean Tuna House was not only voted as the number 1 restaurant to find Ocean Tuna specialties. It is also ranked at the top of great restaurants to organize memorable parties. And here are 3 reasons why you can’t miss this ideal date spot.

1. Quy Nhon tuna house possesses a large and luxurious space

– Private experience space and low noise:

As life becomes increasingly busier and hustler because of the economic cycle. So most people tend to organize parties or celebrate their memorable days at restaurants. With prepared food, attentive service and cleanup. You won’t have to spend time and effort preparing but will still be able to eat deliciously and have fun.

However, finding a restaurant that can provide private space for a large group and freely “let loose” is not simple at all. Because often today’s restaurants are limited in space, you will have to “jostle and struggle” among a sea of people, and shout at full volume to be able to communicate with each other.

Booking a party with Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna, you won’t have to worry about noise or seating, and you won’t have to worry about your fun disturbing others. The party will become more meaningful with decorations according to your request, with always hot food in an extremely majestic and luxurious space.

– Luxurious space of Ocean Tuna Ms. Thuan:

Besides privacy, Quy Nhon Ocean Tuna House is also designed with a completely different space. Luxurious, spacious, clean with area arrangement according to international restaurant standards, very smart and extremely professional. There are many different areas in the restaurant to suit the needs of diverse customers. From romantic balconies for couples, to airy gardens for families, areas for groups of guests, 4 chairs/ 6 chairs/ 8 chairs,… and even areas for groups. You can also check in with many extremely chill and luxurious corners to mark your memorable day.

Ngôi nhà Cá ngừ Đại dương chị Thuận Quy Nhơn
Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna House is the TOP 1 location for parties and festivals

2. Ocean Tuna Ms. Thuan owns a menu of over 100 dishes

If you are worried about being limited in your food choices because this is a restaurant specializing in Quy Nhon Ocean Tuna, then stop worrying. Because Ms. Thuan’s menu is one of a kind. The menu of over 100 tuna dishes with all the cooking methods will give you a headache because of the richness.

From appetizers with salads and spring rolls to salads, hot pots, grilled, stir-fried, fried or fresh Ocean Tuna, everything is full, especially each dish has its own unique and attractive flavor that cannot be mixed with other dishes. any. Fresh beer is always available, hot food is always ready to serve you at any time.

3. At Quy Nhon Tuna House you will receive professional and attentive service

– Professional service

The motto of Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna is famous near and far, and is popular with tourists: “Great food, reasonable prices for beer and non-alcoholic drinks, and the best service in a cozy atmosphere.” . Most of Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna employees are young people in their 90s, but they are all professionally trained to become typical “Central people”, leaving deep impressions in the heart. customers near and far.

– Coming to Ms. Thuan is like coming home: thoughtful and friendly

These young people always radiate positive energy, warm and friendly smiles to welcome you to the restaurant. Willing to help you choose dishes, prepare dishes, get extra dishes or provide necessary information. Especially interesting stories about Ocean Tuna, the specialty of Nau that you are looking to enjoy. It is the attentive service and cozy atmosphere that will help you have a more complete and meaningful party.

Ngôi nhà Cá ngừ Đại dương chị Thuận

With all the above reasons, there is no need to hesitate much to choose Ms. Thuan’s Ocean Tuna for the upcoming year-end parties and festivals. You just sit at the table, have fun, and eat delicious food to your heart’s content. The rest has Quy Nhon Ocean Tuna House ready!