Experience the most beautiful coastal running track in Vietnam

Quy Nhon city with its long coastline, wide roads, and beautiful landscape is an attractive reason for running VnExpress Marathon through many organizing seasons.

VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon attracts about 10,000 athletes each year. The city scene before sunrise was vibrant with an overwhelming sports atmosphere. The three seasons that have been held have impressed attendees with their beautiful running tracks.

The 42km and 21km runner groups enjoyed cool weather at dawn with gusts of wind. Runners at distances such as 5km, 10km, starting late have the opportunity to watch the sunrise.

On the track, they will admire the moment of dawn, changing from night to day. Mr. Huynh Quoc Minh (Hanoi) said that he had run many major tournaments in the country, but when he came to Quy Nhon last year, running along the beach, listening to the sound of waves, enjoying the sea breeze made him feel different.

“Every year there are dozens of tournaments, but I only choose 5 to compete in, of which VM Quy Nhon is indispensable. This is the most beautiful seaside running route I have ever experienced, especially the part that welcomes the sun up. Thi Nai bridge. This year I will run with some friends,” Mr. Minh said.

Thi Nai bridge over the sea is 7 km long with 54 spans, where athletes can see the panoramic view of Thi Nai lagoon and Quy Nhon city sparkling in the morning sunlight with fishing villages and fishing boats. This stretch of road is considered by many runners to be the most beautiful of the journey, and at the same time an interesting challenge with a moderate slope.

In last year’s tournament, 21 and 42km athletes experienced running in both directions of this bridge. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ha is a person born and raised in Quy Nhon city and once participated in the tournament. The male runner said he went from one surprise to another when conquering VM’s full marathon.

“The familiar routes that have been with me for more than 30 years have become different because of the vibrant atmosphere created by the athletes. I have a feeling of excitement, watching and pride that is hard to describe,” Mr. Ha said.

VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon not only attracts runners by its coastal road but also impresses with the wildness of wind power fields and Phuong Mai sand dunes.

VM Quy Nhon’s running route is mostly inviting, flat, with good road surface quality, convenient for athletes to accelerate and have good results.

Xuan Dieu coastal road – with a road surface of more than 25 m wide, stretching about 3.5 km is a favorite training location for local runners. At this year’s tournament, this route continues to be on the competition route of VnExpress Marathon. Here, runners can compete and immerse themselves in the rhythm of life of Quy Nhon people in the early morning.

VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon season 4 takes place on June 11. It is expected that the running route will not change much.

After three seasons, VM Quy Nhon has become a familiar meeting place for runners from all over the region. On each occasion, the tournament attracts nearly 40,000 people to Quy Nhon, combining sports and beach tourism.

This year, to welcome 10,000 runners to Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh province coordinates with the organizing committee to set up new and more attractive programs, especially a series of activities.

Theo: Thanh Lan – VnExpress
Ảnh: VM

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