Is there a difference between the tuna eye specialties in Phu Yen and Quy Nhon?

Tuna eyes, also known as “headlights of the sea”, are a unique specialty only available in some central coastal provinces of our country. When it comes to dishes made from tuna eyes, many people often think of Phu Yen. Few people know that Quy Nhon is also a place where you can enjoy irresistibly delicious tuna eyes. Today, please follow us to explore this unique cuisine.

Ocean tuna in the waters of Phu Yen and Binh Dinh

As “neighbors” next to each other on the geographical map, in the central coastal region of our country, Phu Yen and Binh Dinh have many similarities in landscape, climate and specialties. In particular, both Phu Yen and Binh Dinh possess abundant marine resources, so tuna fishing has long become a traditional profession of the people here. The bumper tuna season starts from October of the previous lunar year and lasts until March of the following year, not only bringing export value, but ocean tuna itself has become a unique cultural feature and a specialties that attract tourists from near and far.

Ocean tuna in the waters of Phu Yen and Binh Dinh is a type of yellowfin migratory tuna, with tough, soft, sweet-smelling meat and especially very large eyes. Therefore, ocean tuna eyes have also become an extremely unique, new, and characteristic culinary dish that everyone wants to taste when they have the opportunity to come to Binh Dinh and Phu Yen. The tuna eyes here are especially the biggest, fattest and tastier than any other type of tuna. Therefore, if you have been to Phu Yen or Binh Dinh, you must definitely enjoy the unique ocean tuna eye dish.

Phu Yen ocean tuna eyes

In Vietnam, when mentioning tuna eye dishes, everyone immediately thinks of Phu Yen ocean tuna eyes, although Phu Yen is not the only land where tuna eyes can be processed, but because this This is where the largest amount of ocean tuna has been exploited for the longest time. And the fish eye dish also developed from here.

In 2014, Phu Yen’s ocean tuna eye dish entered the top 10 famous Vietnamese specialties voted by the Vietnam Record Holders Association. For those reasons, Phu Yen tuna eyes are more famous than other regions. And each locality will have its own unique flavor, so when you come to Phu Yen, don’t forget to try tuna eyes.

Ocean tuna eyes Quy Nhon Binh Dinh

And as mentioned, you don’t have to go to Phu Yen to eat ocean tuna specialties. Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh is also a place with equally high tuna exploitation output. In Quy Nhon you can also enjoy countless delicious dishes with tuna. Quy Nhon tuna eyes are also a unique culinary feature.

Although they all come from the same main ingredient, yellowfin tuna eyes, each different locality will give you a different taste sensation. In addition, the soul of the dish also depends on the creativity and effort of the chef, and the taste and culinary preferences of the person enjoying it. Therefore, it cannot be said that Phu Yen tuna eyes are better or Quy Nhon’s are better, but it depends on which place you like the unique flavor the most.

The best tuna eye restaurant in Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh 

When talking about the best tuna in Quy Nhon, we must mention Ms. Thuan. Just once you try Ms. Thuan’s tuna eye dish, you will never forget the sweet, greasy aftertaste of the bowl of ocean tuna eye stewed with traditional Chinese medicine.

It is the exclusive recipe, after many years of learning, improving and experiencing, that Ms. Thuan has conquered diners from near and far with her unique ocean tuna eye dish, along with hundreds of other delicious dishes from typical fish species. of home waters.

Even though the restaurant is always crowded, when you come to Ms. Thuan’s restaurant, you will always enjoy hot food, flying smoke, and the scent of fish filling your sense of smell. Especially Quy Nhon ocean tuna eyes, also stewed with Chinese medicine like everywhere else, but why is her shop’s stew so strangely sweet, the fish eyes are so big and fat, every bite is addictive. The scent of herbs and the aroma of fish stirs the soul, the fish is hot and steamy as you blow and eat, it’s so delicious it’s delicious. Take rice paper, raw vegetables, scrape out even the last bit of stew.

The restaurant’s space is airy and green, the staff is incredibly cute, and their gentle Central accent sounds very heartwarming. It feels like you are in a familiar place, not in some strange land.

The difference does not lie in the name or regional popularity. But the real difference is created by you and its value in the hearts of others. For me, Quy Nhon and Thuan tuna eyes are a unique and unique delicacy, not to be confused with anywhere else.

“Tuna House” – Ocean tuna Ms. Thuan Quy Nhon

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