Are ocean tuna eggs good?

Ocean tuna is often very large in size, so the eggs are also “huge”, tuna eggs can be processed into many attractive dishes such as steamed with green pepper, hot pot, soup, deep fried or braised. . If you are a fan of fish eggs, it will be impossible to resist the delicious and fatty taste of ocean tuna eggs.

However, many people also worry about whether eating a lot of fish eggs will affect their health? Let’s find the answer together.

Are ocean tuna eggs good?

– Ocean tuna eggs contain abundant amounts of Omega 3 and DHA, which are very good for the eyes and support brain development. Especially children are in the process of comprehensive development.

– Eating tuna eggs also helps increase energy and physical strength because fish eggs have a fairly high protein content.

– Vitamin A in fish eggs also helps prevent eye diseases, enhances vision, and makes eyes brighter and healthier.


People don’t need to worry, they can enjoy tuna eggs freely without fear of gaining weight. Although tuna eggs have a greasy taste when eaten, fish eggs contain only soluble fat, which does not cause weight gain or fat accumulation. Tuna eggs are also included in healthy weight loss menus.

Is eating a lot of tuna eggs toxic?

Tuna eggs are truly a nutritious food source and a delicious dish that should be on the family’s daily menu. Currently, there is no information about poisoning by eating a lot of tuna eggs. However, you should not abuse eating too much because sometimes it will affect digestion, especially indigestion in older people with poor digestive function.

In addition, to ensure safety and avoid chemical poisoning, you should choose to buy fresh, clean fish eggs from reputable, quality places.

How much does ocean tuna eggs cost?

Currently, ocean tuna eggs are sold in many places on the market, with many different prices, ranging from 100,000 – 180,000/1kg. You can buy it at seafood supermarkets, businesses specializing in selling frozen seafood or reputable local seafood establishments.

However, to truly get the freshest tuna eggs, only Quy Nhon ocean fish eggs are exploited and butchered according to standards.

Where are the best restaurants and bars for tuna eggs in Quy Nhon?

Getting fresh tuna eggs is not easy, so when you have the opportunity to come to Quy Nhon, you must eat to your heart’s content before returning home. Coming to Quy Nhon, Nguyen Van Cu Ward, you should ask Ms. Thuan’s ocean tuna restaurant – a place to enjoy uniquely delicious ocean tuna eggs. Not only are tuna eggs attractive, but at the restaurant you will be addicted to all the dishes made from ocean tuna specialties with a menu of nearly 100 dishes.

The shop is located right in front of Bui Huu Nghia street, with a spacious balcony and extremely airy green space. Coming to the restaurant, you will not only be able to satisfy your culinary passion with Ms. Thuan’s exclusive recipe but also hear the intimate stories of extremely warm and close local people.

Hopefully Ms. Thuan’s restaurant will be a place to help you have wonderful culinary experiences about Quy Nhon tuna. Wishing you a happy and interesting trip.

“Tuna House” – Ocean tuna Ms. Thuan Quy Nhon

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